Trend searching - IT infrastructure

IT and Infrastructure are transforming from a service infrastructure into a infrastructure centred around function.

Invisible infrastructure
The trend is moving toward so called “invisible infrastructure”. This trends refers to focusing on delivering applications and also that infrastructure is built in a way that components easily can be changed and replaced during service without affecting software, computers and information.

The server infrastructure is becoming more and more self-healing by systems being able to move during operation to another IT infrastructure at a different place.

Locally in the cloud
IT infrastructure is today usually separated over different physical places, both locally and at operations supplier, as well as cloud based capacity services. Where the applications and information is located is not as important. The substance is that the information is available for users when they need it and that somewhere someone can manage the software. This is what we mean by invisible IT infrastructure.

We at INVID have got the qualifications and the will to assist your company to transform your IT intrastructure from a static solution to a infrastructure totally independent of your location.

Trend searching - IT infrastructure