Trend searching - Cloud services

The desire to buy IT solutions as a cloud service among small and average companies increases all the time. Why?

Because, the information technology solutions today are becoming more and more complex and create reliance between your own and other's systems.

Hybrid solutions
The company's business needs are controlled by existing solutions, where the decisions are usually made out in the operation, which leads to that the IT delivery becomes hybrid solutions where certain services are controlled internally within the company. Certain services are bought by the local IT service supplier and some are bought as cloud services.

Higher demands
This means INVID faces higher demands as a local partner, to be able to understand our customers' business needs and to put together the solutions the customers request to be able to carry through their duties in the best way possible.

Clear trends
The trends are clear that the company's users want to consume IT in a different way. The workers of tomorrow will not allow the systems to be locked in and unavailable. They want the applications and information to be available 24/7, no matter where they are connected from.

Work is not something you go to everyday but something you perform 24/7. Therefore, cloud services are increasing in volume and interest. The service is supposed to be available constantly, and when a larger supplier provides this function they can produce IT services to a lower cost than an individual company could.

IT security
However, this means higher demands on the IT security, as well as making the information available for the employees without leak hazards, as for the information to not be used in the wrong way by the employees.

Temporary monopoly
The companies which are most open about the new technology are, according to certain studies, the most powerful in comparison to the competitors. These companies are also the ones to benefit by the technology of today and transform these benefits into temporary monopoly trends and will start writing their own rules.

So, what is the conclusion of this? What we consider knowing about the IT solutions of tomorrow are probably understatements. The pace of development will go much faster than what we can guess today.

To be able to be ahead it is important to choose a partner which has got the time and energy to together with your company develop routines and support that strengthen your competitiveness within the market of tomorrow.

By this reason, small and average companies more often benefit from using new and flexible cloud services and a supplier who can connect this with existing investments.

We at INVID have got the qualifications and the will to assist your company to fast, simple and without cost become mobile and secure in every way

Trend searching - Cloud services