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Business Intelligence (BI) is an important business support, especially within manufacturing organisations which want to be more effecient, now and in the future.

Many questions
There can be many questions.

  • How does the journey begin?
  • What resources are necessary?
  • What capacities are missing?
  • How do the competitive companies act?


What does it take?
The future within manufacturing demands development plans, tools and services which support these.

It is vital to be able to measure and follow up your production equipment. To be able to improve the usage of the machines (TAK/OEE values) and obtain control over the reason of the downtimes of the machines during manufacturing processes.

Also being able to make resources available for the future and integrate already existing systems such as business production and maintenance systems to decrease administration and work that are being done manually.

Complementary services
It is important so implement services which complement the existing tools. We recommend to start with process mapping of the production, value stream mapping, quality management, consequence analysis, development plans for IT infrastructure and IT security within the production environment.

Measuring of production
There are several ways today to measure your sales, who makes profits from their sales and what products are most beneficial. There are always easy ways to produce these numbers and compile them.

These days there are also opportunities to do the same within the production.

Contact us at INVID for a conversation regarding your future production and we can discuss what this will mean for you and your business.

Trend searching - Business support