BaaS – Backup services

This not only requires right investments in hardware and software, but also in skills and procedures. 
Investments in technological solutions are perhaps the simple part, but it is in fact only a small part 
of what is required to ensure access to the organisation's important data.

With INVID's remote backup services, we handle the entire chain from technology to skills, incl. 
processes to create a safe function for backups and restoring. We check and guarantee that backing up 
works and that data can be restored within the time that has been agreed.

Examples of services that we offer in this area are listed below:

  • Remote backup
  • Off-site storage of backup copy
  • Disaster Recovery/ Site Recovery
  • Backup and archiving of e-mail

Please contact us at INVID at tel. +46 370-30 16 88 for detailed 
and personal information about our BaaS services.

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