Being able to organise internal information in a flexible and structured manner
constitutes an increasingly important competitive factor.

In an increasingly competitive world, it is important to be able to offer a common
information platform so that all employees will be able to speak the same
language internally as well as externally.

The importance of creating a more effective business via the frequent exchange
of information, clear transfer of knowledge and assets for uniform template
structures and process descriptions for example cannot be neglected.

We at INVID have great experience with the intranet and we build our solutions on
Microsoft’s stable SharePoint platform which ensures customisable solutions with
integration with the Office package and cloud service in Office365 as well as
other external systems.

Through the years, we have built up an appreciated structure in which the installed
modules are adapted to your specific needs and wishes and which can for example
offer the following content;

  • News/Notices
  • Messages
  • Links
  • Image exchanger
  • Events
  • External news
  • Weather
  • Quick search
  • Document
  • Departments/subsites


We at INVID will help you to get started quickly. Take advantage of our experience from
completed intranet projects through finished concepts and modules.

The implementation is smooth and efficient. We start with a day workshop at your location
where we describe modules and options. After installation and fine tuning, the project is
completed in the form of a day of training at your location for editors who will maintain the flow of information.

Please contact us at INVID at tel. +46 370-30 16 88 
for detailed and personal information about our intranet solutions.

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