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Desktop virtualization

Our service INVID Desktop virtualization gives you as users a “virtual PC in the cloud”. It’s available where ever you are regardless which device you are using.

Choose the best currently suited for you, whether it will be a computer, tablet or mobile phone.


Three series for different needs
Traditional, physical computers are available in a majority of varieties, developed to benefit all types of people with different needs of performances.

We offer in a similar way the service INVID Desktop virtualization in three series, as explained below:

  • The C series is a smooth model suitable for most people
  • The E series is most suitable for the types of environment with more powerful and faster management
  • Our most advanced series is the S series which is developed for users who are running very heavy graphical applications

All three series contain several different configurations with different memory capacity and processing power.


Many advantages
To choose a virtual PC instead of usual computers comes with many advantages, not just for your company but also for the individual user, your IT department and for the perspective of your finance department as well.

A few examples of many advantages are mobility and security for the co-workers.


As a co-worker you can access your entire PC and its applications – email, calendar appointments, documents etc. – wherever you are regardless which device you are using.


Furthermore, if your computer breaks down or gets stolen, its content will still be safely secure in the cloud – just the way you left it.


More information
You are more than welcome to contact us at INVID at +46 (0)36 – 30 88 88 for more details and personal information about the service Desktop virtualization.

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