Business Development

We at INVID have several years of experience of Business Development projects from both an operational perspective as an IT perspective.

It’s about anything from analysing current processes and IT systems, to creating the most suitable solutions based on current business activities.

We help our customers with i.e. analysing the requirements of IT systems from different organisations and businesses. And from there present the accurate estimation what it would take to seal any gaps that are shown between the current situation and the desired situation.

This report will display any critical issues regarding your business, for example what downtimes the business can handle and what processes and functions are affected when the system is down.

Suggestions of process changes will be added to this report and where our service packages within our wide range of user-friendly management systems illustrate the processes in a foreseeable way to maintain continuous process development.

Welcome to contact us at INVID at +46 (0)36 – 30 88 88 for more detailed and personalised information our offer within Business Development.

IT Infrastructure

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