INVID's solution SommarAMEa is a web-based service that facilitates applications, selections, 
matching, administration, information exchange and follow-up of holiday for everyone who 
manages summer jobs or holiday work of any kind.

It is an overall concept that covers both the software, operation, storage and backup of data, 
further development as well as user support.

Naturally, using the user-friendly solution also works well from mobile devices such as 
tables and mobile phones.

SommarAMEa has all the features that can be desired, such as:

  • Young people can directly apply for jobs via your own website, with immediate confirmation that 
    the application has been received
  • The employer can via your own website easily notify positions and have these confirmed immediately
  • All information is updated immediately, no paper-based information is required
  • Selection function, where consideration is taken for prioritised groups
  • Offers are sent electronically, no handling of paper
  • Responses to offer are made directly via the internet
  • Each holiday workers have his/her own information page for communication with you when they are 
    offered a position
  • Flexible printing features with the ability to create your own templates

Please contact us at INVID at tel. +46 340-66 66 77 for detailed 
and personal information about this SommarAMEa.

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