INVID Varberg


Your local IT partner

INVID Varberg is an established and successful 
IT player in West Sweden with a multifaceted range of services.

We offer services in three overall areas; IT Infrastructure, 
Cloud Services and Business Support.

The company's ambition to be a local, secure and trustworthy 
IT partner with the resources to be able to grow with its customers.

We consist of dedicated employees who deliver innovative and 
user-friendly solutions that create cost efficiency and other 
important added value.

Do not miss out on taking advantage of our popular services and 
features by clicking the respective offer symbols and names on this page.


To received more detailed and personal information, 
you are welcome to contact us at INVID at tel.  +46 340-66 66 77.


IT Infrastructure

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Cloud services

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Business support

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Welcome to contact us to receive more information about us and our services.

INVID Varberg

+46 340-66 66 77

Visiting address::
Birger Svenssons Väg 16E, Varberg

Billing address:
Birger Svenssons Väg 16 E, SE-432 40 Varberg

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