Production – Case Study – RPC Superfos

Client: RPC Superfos Mullsjö

Project: Monitoring and visualisation of machinery

Description: Before INVID came into the picture, RPC Superfos spend a lot of time on manually gathering information.

Their machinery was checked daily and the information inserted into an Excel document. The encountered production problems were registered on red notes and were the day after read and checked, to then decide about any measures and what the problem of status was.

Together with INVID it was decided that these manually procedures were time consuming and the system with the red notes was not an effective way of working or to get an overview of reoccurring sources of problem.

INVID then got the assignment to not only replace RPC Superfos’ manual way of collecting information with reports instead which were easily calculated and produced per shift/day/week or month, but also assist RPC Superfos with a shift from working with calculated time to use and implement the term effective machine hours.


Under management from INVID RPC Superfos accomplished the following:

  1. Measurings of the entire machinery automatically
  2. Productions result reporting on all levels
  3. Implementation of the term effective machine hours and training in implementation of the module
  4. Continuously focusing on machine hours through TAK/OEE figures and regular meetings
  5. Visualisation of machinery information on big screens
  6. Implementation of new way of working for preparation, which simplified reprioritizement of important machines
  7. Improved routines by stands. Now the stand parameters are shown directly by the machine, previously binders were used
  8. The machine measurements were integrated with the company's business system
  9. Application and training in a new way of working within the production which means that RPC Superfos is looking for the problem and not the other way around



  • By these measures RPC Superfos has been able to increase the effective machine hours by 10-15% on the entire production plant.

  • By increasing machine hours, the need for investing in new machines has decreased. RPC Superfos is now using the machinery for their disposal fully, before new puschases are made, which reduces the bound capital.

  • Increased machine hours with minimal investments results in considerably increased production with the same costs, which has presented a clear improvement in the financial statements.

  • The results have also led to more operators and maintenance personnel pushing the improvement work and development forward. Which means RPC Superfos has gone from "management and managers make the decisions and operators operate" - to "operators have the knowledge, we listen and from there make decisions".

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