Production – Case study – Ragnar's Inredningar

Client: Ragnar’s Inredningar

Project: Optimisation format saw

Description: Ragnar’s had identified that they put out a lot of sawing to external supplier.

Therefore, together with INVID, an objective target was set where they wanted to double the effective sawing minutes per hour in Ragnar’s own format saw, and therefore decrease the need of external sawing services and because of this reduce the total cost of sawing for the company.


Under the management of INVID Ragnar’s implemented the following measures:

  1. A process analysis was implemented in the form of a workshop to be able to perceive an understanding of the current status regarding different machine intermissions, how the operators are spending their time, general work and what interferences generally are most common.

  2. Stop focusing on effective machine hours to easier establish the intermissions of the machines and above all get to the bottom of what actually causes these interferences.

    In cooperation with this INVID was contacted both because of the measuring and also how the improvement work would be set up.

  3. Measurements of effective machine hours on the format saw started continuously June 2012 with INVID’s system.

    An improvement team was created consisting of an operator, a team leader, manufacturing leader, technical manager and buyer/planner.

  4. Short routines were implemented daily and a weekly meeting where measuring data was presented and reviewed. These meetings are for discussing and planning suggestions of improvement for implementation. Over 50 suggestions have been implemented.



  • The number of sawing minutes per hour has more than doubled.
  • The productivity has increased with ca. 30%.
  • Total reduced manufacturing cost and increased operating profit.
  • Increased focus on the material control has reduced the capital in disc material.
  • Shorter delivery times to customers.
  • Increased commitment and motivation among operators and the team in general.

Ragnar’s is now planning to use INVID’s services on all the machines in their company.

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