Microsoft’s License Services

Many companies find it difficult being in total control over what licenses they need for their unique business.

Managers in charge of decisions find it difficult and expensive and the term “jungle” is used more than it should.

INVID offer qualified consultation within license management, especially regarding Microsoft’s product and solution portfolio.

We have built a strong and solid background of qualifications and services which means that by the end of the day, the client only pays for the licenses they need.

Could this be more easier and cost efficient?

Because we are a Microsoft CSP partner (Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider) we offer, other than traditional volume licenses and piece licenses, also licenses such as cloud services.

This means you rent the licenses from us directly together with a possible personal support and consulting employee during the entire agreement period.

Welcome to contact us at INVID at +46 (0)36 – 30 88 88 for more detailed and personalised information about Microsoft License Services.

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