Decision support system

Do you want to understand why things have happened and to be able to 
anticipate and improve future outcomes?

Decision support systems or Business Intelligence (BI) are processes, 
methods and tools to better understand your surroundings and business. 
It is a matter of information logistics – the right information to the right 
person at the right time.

 The various systems that are used in a business generate daily quantities of 
data relating to production, sales, inventory management, etc. There is a lot 
of information in our environment which can be used in conjunction with the 
data that is found in business to create a better basis for decisions. 

In order to succeed, we must start from the business and its 
processes and look at the whole picture by:

  • Mapping the current situation
  • Formulating the strategy and action plan
  • Implementing the change work
  • Selecting and establishing the BI solution
  • Continuously following up and developing the decision support system

Please contact us at INVID at tel. +46 36-30 88 88 to receive detailed 
and personal information about how our decision support systems can help and develop your business.

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