Systems development services

INVID develops customised applications for optimal functionality and tailors them to 
make maximum benefit and give an economic return for your business.

The solutions can be anything from e-commerce solutions or specific mobile apps to 
completely independent software or with applications based on standard platforms 
such as Microsoft SharePoint.

In order to deliver the right effects, the project always starts with a current status and 
needs analysis where our experienced business consultants map the wishes and the 
purpose of the system support.

A cost-benefit analysis will be added to this to ensure the accuracy of the investment.
Then software is developed in accordance with INVID's "xyz methodology" and function-tested 
for established targets and operation before it is taken into use.

With our methodology, you can always feel confident that together we will achieve the targets in time.


Please contact us at INVID at tel. +46 31-301 05 20 for detailed 
and personal information about our systems development services.

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