Graphic profile

INVID's graphic profile constitutes an important piece of the puzzle so that we will continue to be perceived as a local, secure and trustworthy IT partner Green shades are a permeating parameter in our graphic profile.


This not only makes associations to our declared environmental thinking. No, the green
shades also represent growth, harmony and imply stability, security, prosperity and stamina.

You are welcome to download our graphic manual in Swedish via the link below.

Near the images below, you can also download our logo in various formats for use in different graphical contexts.

Please contact us at INVID at tel. +46 36-30 88 88 for permission to use INVID's graphical
elements regardless of the degree of uses and/or application.

Link - Graphic Profile

Link - How to use the logotype




INVID logotyp CMYK_eps                            INVID logotyp SV_eps
INVID logotyp CMYK_png
INVID logotyp CMYK_gif


INVID logotyp_CMYK_eps                         INVID logotyp_vit_eps