Core values

At INVID, we attach great importance to developing and maintaining a strong and successful culture.

The basic elements of this important value base consist of the four core values Efficiency, Ethics
and morals, Quality and Security with the respective basic elements which are shown bullets below;


  • We create competitive advantages
  • We focus on cost-effectiveness in all stages
  • We deliver on time 

Etik & moral

  • We deliver what we promise
  • We follow laws and rules
  • We act fairly and humbly


  • We deliver the highest quality on services and products
  • The needs of the customer are always to the basis for this


  • We are a reliable and stable partner
  • We are available to our customers
  • Our solutions must maintain high security


The above-mentioned core values permeate throughout our organisation, our services and
our way of working. They make us grow together with common objectives and at the
same time maintain our strong identity.

Efficiency, Ethics and morals, Quality and Security are reflected in our everyday life,
internally and in our meetings with the market.